Hello and welcome to GZITTV, which I have to admit is a very strange name for a site. The truth of the matter is that it was an old domain I had “knocking about” that I decided to do something with. Simple as that really!

So, who am I?


This is Me!

My name is Mark Ross and I’ve been in business for myself for about 20 years. I loved the freedom working for myself brings and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess I was fortunate to get a good grounding in basic business skills which I gained working for a major high street bank and a very large oil company. If nothing else, these Guys teach you how to do the basics of business very well indeed.

What They Don’t Teach You!

What they don’t teach you so well is how to think creatively and become an entrepreneur. Well, if you think about it…why would they? They want you to be a subserviant little sheep so they can pay you a pittance and make loads of money through your efforts. Controversial, maybe, but in my humble opinion true.

You see most of us never wake up, so this little site is about people who have woken up and taken their destiny firmly into their own hands. They might be photographers who have taken a hibby and madea business out of it. A woman who was thrust suddenly into giving birth to a premature baby and made a business out of the frustration she found there or an up and coming musician and his fight to make it in the cut throat world of popular music.

Common Entrepreneurial Traits

What do these people have in common?

An unshakable belief in themselves and a huge desire to suceed on their own terms. To be the masters of their own destiny, to hold their lives in their own hands, to love or die by their efforts and skills. To not have to be beholden to anyone, partcularly the (bloody) Government.

I take my hat off to these amazing people. And, I hope by telling some of theit stories here, others might just see them and be inspired to do something similar. Perhaps you’ll see a chink of light, an idea that sparks you to take action. Something that opens your eyes, makes you see a bigger picture and spurs you on to take action and…become one of these people yourself.

How about it, eh?

Enjoy the stories here and think about how you just might be able to do something similar, or even better, something totally different!

Go for it!

All the best


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