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Ng_ClarkeHaving been in business for many years and been a business owner too, I love seeking out slightly “left field” business ideas. For example a friend of mine made a great success out of recycling the used syringes from doctor’s surgeries. He then ended up supplying them with mobile catering services as well! Talk about seeing an opportunity and grabbing it!

The same happened to the daughter of a good friend and racketball partner of mine Richard. His daughter, Ngaire, was expecting her first baby and everything was progressing smoothly. That was until Ngaire woke up in pain at 3am one morning and was rushed to hospital.

Clarke, her little bundle of joy, had arrived suddenly, unexpectedely and a couple of months premature. Weighing in at under 4lbs, thankfully, he was never in danger, but he did spend his first month in and out of an incubator.

Life Turned Upside Down

Suddenly thrust into a stressful situation a number of things are hugely difficult when you have a premature baby. For example, you don’t go home after a couple of days. Your life is turned upside down and all of a sudden revolves around being at the hospital. Simple things like cuddling your new babe are difficult. After all he was connected to IV and PICC lines and consequently had to be handled very carefully.

That normal bond that is built at birth takes time and normal “access” to your baby is restricted. That regular contact is missing and generally it’s a very stressful situation.

So, having the added stress of trying to find clothes to fit a premature baby is absolutely the last thing any preemie parent needs. Over to Ngaire!

You Can’t Imagine

“It was a horrible situation”, she recalls. “It’s just something you never imagine will happen to you”.

“And, once we’d got over the initial shock and got some time to go home and pick up baby provisions, we realised that none of the clothes we’d got in advance were going to fit. It wasn’t even close”!

Whilst they found the nurses helpful in trying to find premature baby clothing, it was a tough task. None of the chain stores seemed to make proper provision, only having piecemeal offerings that clearly were not quality.

“What we could find wasn’t functional”, she remembers. “There was no clear access for IV and PICCs and comfort was not high on the agenda. The preemie clothes we could find were just smaller versions of normal babygros and were simply not funtinal, or even usable”.

So, on top of an already stressful situation, Ngaire and her husband now had to spend a huge amount of time sourcing clothes that fitted!

That “Light Bulb” Moment

cAULof5wnlMjxQ27G_AxXRNrKlTfNgjpDUZ5_vX0s0M,bXZ_KUvwdYuomYwj_QXVsovvbb0iLlFpDnehjZTtc30“It was then that the idea flashed in front of my eyes”, she smiles “I saw it as clear as the light of day, The Premature Baby Boutique Online Shop“, and, as soon as Clarke was home, I set to work”.

The story is quite amazing. Branding, designs (by a top French designer) and manufacture all sorted out within 3 months.

“It was an incredible and energised time”, she remembers. “I just didn’t want other parents in our situation going through all that extra pain – so I did something about it”.

The Dinki Dreams brand of premature baby clothes are superb. Yes maybe a little more expesive, but certainly fit for purpose and comfortable for baby. Special poppers and zips allow for line access as well as the ability for lines to move freely so baby can be cuddled more and touched often all without danger.

It’s fantastic to hear about success stories like this. So, if you are in the situation at least get rid of one of the major stressors and get your small baby clothes at a one-stop shop. You can find the site at:- HTTP://www.PrematureBabyBoutique.CO.UK

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