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Recruiting In eCommerce Marketing

Today I am going to be talking about recruiting into the new markets of Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Product Management and wider Online Marketing.

Digital Marketing Tactics

It is a market that has expanded beyond all belief as the tactics and softwares that drive digital marketing have progressed at an incredible rate.

Who would have thought, even five years ago, we would use terms such as “growth hacker”, customer insight”, “customer journey” and “online trading and merchandising”.

Let’s not forget it was only 15 years ago Amazon seemed to be failing online bookstore.

So, what has changed so dramatically to produce the steadily growing Digital Marketing niche that we now see.

Well I alluded to it earlier. The software that drives both eCommerce and the monitoring of customers and all things onlinbe have become ever more complex and deliver ever more revealing trends and results.

More skilled people are needed to maximise the use of these tactics and to understand what the softwares are telling us. It is becoming ever more complex and requiring deeper and deeper skills.

Skills Shortage

Indeed it is a market of skills shortage so for the recruitment consultant, picking up the vacancies is not a problem. Finding the right people with the right skills is nmore the issue as we reach the end of 2017.

Intelligent People a recruitment agency based out of the leafy suburbs of London in St Albans were one of the first agencies to get into this market.

Doug Bates is one of the Owner Directors of the company.

“Chris and I were working in the City and we wanted a lifestyle change”, he says, “we both loved recruitment but not the commute!”

We Did It Our Way

“So, we decided we’d start our own company. We had strong views on customer service and how we felt we should conduct the recruitment process. We wanted to offer a true personalised and quality service”.

“However the IT market was in the process of “commoditising” somewhat, so we looked for a different market, and ended up in Digital Marketing. To be fair it was an IT client who had a marketing role and his traditional IT agencies couldn’t fill it, so he came to us more in hope than anything else I think”.

“We assured him we would move heaven and earth to find someone for him and we both set about it. Of course, we started learning about Online Marketing and found a market very much in its infancy at that time”.

Ed: It was 2002.

Digital Dark Arts

“At the time Digital Marketing was seen as a “dark art” bolt on to traditional marketing and in all honesty the market and the skills required by the market had not really taken shape. People knew the technology was there for eCommerce, but it was rudimentary and very clunky. Certainly the population needed far more reassurance before the true move online could happen”.

“But, gradually, the technology became more stable and started to advance. New security measures made buying onlie safer and sales figures started to show an upward curve. We were still a long way from the dissected ands deeply skill focussed market we see today, but things were moving”.

“Nowadays, we see vacancies such as growth hacker jobs as opposed to the straight online marketing jobs we used to see in those early days. The job functions break down into deep skill sets such as growth hacking, CRM, Online Trading and the various facets of eCommerce and Product Management”.

Complex Market

“It is a wonderfully interesting and complex market place and what we both like is that it is constantly moving forward at a pace. The level of change and advancement is almost crazy. But that is good if it makes it easier and safer for people to buy via eCommerce mechanisms”.

I think you only have to look at your own buying habits. I know that I now buy something like 85% of all my personal stuff and presents online. Let’s face it there is far more choice online. Take the example of CDs or DVDs, a physicla shop simply cannot hold the entire catalogue of music available, but Amazon can, with ease”.

“It’s just another example of where this market may end up – fascinating”.

Great insights Doug, very much appreciated.

You can find Intelligent Peolpe by click this link.

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