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SaaS Has Changed The Business Landscape

Go back ten years and very few people had heard of Saas, or Software as a Service.

But now, as SaaS has come of age it really has changed the business landscape. If you don’t know, SaaS is basically software delieverd via the Cloud. So you don’t need expensive IT infrastructure to run it, all you need is a strong Internet connection.

The Bad Old Days

Go back to the days of SAP and big legacy systems on IBM mainframes and the IT infrastructure was wildly expensive. This meant that enterprise systems were only available to the largest companies.

Fast forward to the Unix and PC  (Networking) eras and you could but hardware and operating systems or networks more cheaply but still cost prohibitive for SMEs for the most part.

Delivering enterprise level softwares via the cloud now means even “one man band” businesses can have access to highly efficient and functional software for a fractiopn of the cost. Being able to buy the software on a per user basis.

The Upside For SMEs

This means SMEs can now compete in terms of systems usage with the biggest companies in the world. This is one of the biggest changes we have seen in the software landscape, probably ever.

Think Sales Force, think Quickbooks. Highly functional sales tracking and accounting software available for just a few dollars per month for a single user company.

It brings efficiences that were simply not previously available to the SME market. And that has to be a food thing!

Huge Variety Of Applications

And nowadays, it seems if any functionality was available, then a SaaS version is in build somewhere. Document management, banking, accounting, you name it it’s being built. And, there is a whole new raft of cutting edge applications being thought up and developed.

Whatever the mind of man can achieve and believe is comning to pass with SaaS.

But, the development of SaaS systems brings a whole raft of highly specific challenges. this is especially so when building in a new market being funded by Venture Capital or Seed Capital. By the very nature of the sub niche, there is far more risk involved.

Risky Business

And, for these companies, building this bleeding edge software there is an inherent risk in hiring staff. There is, on the flip side, of course, a huge risk to the staff themselves. The jobs are not safe and sound by any stretch of the imagination.

Companies building these softwares need large investments and the company can be tenuous. If key development targets are not met the whole project and therefore compnay can be at risk.

Managing the recruitment and movement of staff in such a nebulous environment is a skill in and of itself.

Recruiting Is Also Specialist

This is where specialist recruiter Harvey Thomas enter the equation. From their offices in Milton Kerynes in Bedfordshire,U.K, they manage the skills base deftly and with skill and precision. They keep their finger on the pulse of this sub set of the SaaS market and service and move development staff, customer success recruitment and as well as providing the software sales recruitment services these companies so badly need to succeed once they have delivered the software.

Harvey Thomas are proud to have contributed by resourcing some of the most successful SaaS and PaaS start ups, pre-IPO and Venture funded companies in the U.K over the last five years.


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